Drupal9 Migration

Upgrade your Website to Drupal 9.

Drupal 8 is now end-of-life and Drupal 7 will be end of life this year (November 2022). If you haven't started thinking about your upgrade or migration plan, it is time to start.

Going to Drupal 9 is the best thing that can happen to your Drupal website. Whether you are on Drupal 7, or Drupal 8, or even Drupal 6, is happy to help you in reaching the latest and greatest of Drupal. We have contributed to our clients and can do this for you as well. Below are the steps for the Drupal Migration services we offer:

Step 1: Make your Drupal 8 website compatible with Drupal 9. This means that you’ll have to install the minor Drupal 8 upgrade and bring your D8 website to version 8.8 or 8.9 which are directly compatible with Drupal 9.

Step 2: Update your themes, modules, and third-party integrations to make them compatible with Drupal 9. 

Step 3: Once you have updated your core to Drupal 8.8 or later, and have updated all the modules, themes, install the Upgrade Status module and check for deprecated codes.

Step 4: Once you have removed the deprecated code you are truly ready for your Drupal 9 upgrade.

Step 5: Upgrade your Drupal core to D9, and you’re there!


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