Drupal9 benefits

Drupal 9 benefits

1. The modern API-first architecture of Drupal 9 enables new types of automation, integrations, and delivery methods. The need to accelerate integration with new devices and applications with speed is steadily growing, and the upgrades made to Drupal 9 have prioritized this feature and made it easier to drive integration needs from one platform to another. 

Drupal 9 also allows developers to embrace decoupled architecture, which promotes scalable, flexible, and resilient architecture ready for the future.  

2. Mobile-first approach - Drupal 9 follows a mobile-first approach that includes many out-of-the-box responsive elements and themes. Ensuring your website implementations are responsive by design and can adapt to your user’s screen size and specifications.

3. Advanced Innovation - Drupal 9 has harnessed the power of open-source CMS, and teams can now utilize core enhancements to increase the pace of collaboration, growth, and innovation. Alongside easier upgrade paths, core release cycles that offer new features, and a much-improved editor experience, content editors will enjoy a seamless experience navigating post creation sections, custom toolbars, quick edits, and content moderation options. 

Drupal 9 also offers the chance to continuously optimize for more engaging digital experiences. In addition, teams have the capacity to launch faster and more frequently, and will get access to a predictable, reliable pattern of upgrades, which deliver new features that will keep your site on the cutting-edge.

4. Backward Compatible - When Drupal was initially released, Dries Buytaert was not in favor of preserving ‘Backward Compatibility.’ However, contrary to Dries’ philosophy, Drupal 9 releases with backward compatibility feature, implying that Drupal 9 will be compatible with its predecessor, i.e., Drupal 8.

That being said, if your website’s key features depend on modules, Drupal 9 will be able to use data, modules, and configurations with the previous version (Drupal 8) of the software and all your hard work will be functioning like before, unlike the case with Drupal 7 and 8.

5. Blazing performance - Drupal combined with JavaScript frameworks lets websites gain exceptional speed and interactivity. Drupal 9’s third-party integration capabilities, built-in web services, and modules overcome bottlenecks and delays to create amazing experiences quickly.

6. Flexible CMS - A highly scalable CMS, Drupal does more than just supporting high traffic sites. Drupal scales with your business and brand needs, allowing you to evolve digitally.

7. Easy upgrade to future Drupal - Once you are a Drupal 8 user, it’s extremely easy for you to upgrade your website to Drupal 9 and further! Our Drupal migration experts deliver you the best of Drupal 9’s features with an easy and hassle-free upgrade.

8. Integration with RESTful web services - Drupal 9 brings support for accessibility technologies through RESTful web services, unlike the earlier versions where support for web services was through add-on modules.

9. Omnichannel content publishing - Drupal 9's intuitive authoring tools like the WYSIWYG Editor, CKEditor, in-place editing, for content creation, workflow, and publishing help you create, manage, and deliver content across multiple touchpoints consistently.

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